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Largymore Primary School Lisburn

Fire safety

25th Jan 2019

The fire brigade paid our class a visit today to remind us of the importance of fire safety. They talked to us about the dangers we need to watch out for in our homes such as leaving electrical appliances turned on or chargers plugged in for long periods, leaving candles unattended, playing with matches or cigarettes not being stubbed out properly. 

They reminded us of how important it is to have a emergency plan in case there is a fire in our house. We need to have decided where the family is going to meet, who is going to phone for the fire brigade and plan on leaving the house together. They also asked us to have a night time routine of turning off electrical appliances, closing doors and making sure the stairs are clear in case we need to escape during the night. 

The fire fighters gave us lots to think about and talk to our parents about so that we can be safe in our homes. 


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