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Largymore Primary School Lisburn

Playground Pals

Our Playground Pals are pupils from Year 6 & 7. They volunteered to help out on the playground organising games and activities for the rest of the school to enjoy.

They play a very important role in helping the lunchtime supervisors ensure everyone is safe and happy on our playground. They also make sure our play equipment is stored away and we have a good supply of resources.

Look out for us on the playground...

Kiana Jefferson -
Kiana Jefferson
Ava Hannah -
Ava Hannah
Abbie Marshall -
Abbie Marshall
Chloe Maybin -
Chloe Maybin

Jody McCallister -
Jody McCallister
Chantelle Harvey -
Chantelle Harvey
Leon Gilbert -
Leon Gilbert
Katie Hull -
Katie Hull

Sophia McCafferty -
Sophia McCafferty
Madison Brown -
Madison Brown

The team at work!

The team at work

What do you think?

If you have any suggestions or new ideas for our playground please let us know!